Minto Sales Centre Help from Regal Tent!

Minto Sales Centre Help from Regal Tent!

New housing developments are always a place of excitement, busyness and more likely than not, long line ups! That’s because these developments are often hot spots for new buyers to find the house of their dreams, that they can completely customize to their taste. While there can be a longer wait to move into this dream home, it allows buyers time to save up, put down payments down in installments, and to gain access to the hottest new areas in cities across Ontario.

When Minto Group reached out to Regal Tent about adding some Sales Centre space to one of their offices in Oakville, we jumped at the chance to create added room for their customers to line up in comfort, and build the excitement of purchasing a new home in their Oakvillage development!

They chose to erect a 30′ x 75′ Clearspan tent which stood next to their permanent Sales Centre. With white roof and walls, this clean design added the extra space they required, and we even installed a floor so that customers felt like they were in an extension of the Sales Building. They left the tent up over their opening weekend when they knew line ups would be hours and hours long, as a way to make the waiting process more enjoyable for their would-be home buyers. Lighting and heat was added to keep everyone as warm as possible during the winter launch of Oakvillage in Oakville!

As the brand new housing market continues to boom, many developers are choosing to add space to their Sales Centres with tents, or are completely eliminating the permanent Sales Centre structure and simply building something temporary while they sell out their new developments! If you’re in the development business, we would absolutely love to share some options with you – you can get more information by clicking here and filling out the Contact Us form!

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