Supa-Trac Floor

Quick and easy flooring solution
Supa-Trac flooring is an affordable option for any event that needs modular temporary flooring that follows the grade of the ground. Its grey lightweight frame and plastic clip together trait allows for a quick and timely install.
Supa-Trac Flooring Regal Tents
Regal Tents takes extra care to make sure every event goes off without a hitch

Product Uses

  • Perfect for events where the ground is already pretty level
  • Good for those looking for a budget-friendly and effective flooring option
  • A lighter weight flooring option that allows the ground underneath to breath
  • Quick and easy to install even under the tightest time constraints
Regal can meet your exacting specifications


  • Available in sheets that are 3.75’ (W) x 9’ (L) x 2” (H)
  • Cable trays can be integrated to keep power cables running under the floor and out of the way
  • Ability to add a 3” edging piece that eliminates any tripping hazards
  • Can support heavy equipment on floor
  • Installed by our experienced team of professionals


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