Tent Liner

Adds a touch of style and grace

Create breathtaking drama inside your tent with liners and draping as they stylishly camouflage the tent frame and any unsightly hardware. A tent liner is also the perfect backdrop for lighting and colour washes that beautifully enhance the setting of your event. Tent liners are made of polyester and are flame resistant.

Regal Tent Tent Liner Option
Regal Tents takes extra care to make sure every event goes off without a hitch

Product Uses

  • Hides any unsightly items to create a more elegant look inside the tent
  • Great for tented weddings and private events
Regal can meet your exacting specifications


  • A variety of custom colours and tones available
  • Specific designs and cuts can be used for both roof and wall features to give off desired effect
  • Installed by our experienced team of professionals


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