Structure Accessories

Giving you the right tools for the job

There’s more to creating a serviceable structure for industrial sites than just erecting a tent. That’s why we take care of everything from lighting and fences, to heating and beyond. We provide ourselves in offering you the accessories you need to make it easy to get the job done.

Tent Accessories Lighting

Lighting for optimum working conditions

Adequate light is an essential factor for any industrial site, and our well-ventilated tent structures also let in plenty of natural light so that you have high visibility during daylight hours. There’s also the option to kit the tent out with lighting to ensure full visibility when there is little natural light to be had. 

Security Doors to keep your tent and site safe

Doors to suit the demands of your project

The type of door you use to get in and out of your enclosure can be as important as the material used to make the tent. Because of this, we have got an unprecedented number of options to help make sure your entrance/exit makes the most sense for your project. We’ve got them all: man doors, garage doors, sliding doors, etc. Depending on your specific needs, our doors can be customized to meet height requirements for bigger equipment.    

Secure your site with world-class fencing

Secure your site with world-class fencing

Our state of the art fencing means you can ensure a high level of protection and privacy on your industrial site. We know the importance of defining site boundaries and will help you choose the right sort of fencing for your project.

Insulated Hard Walls for the Olympic Broadcasting Centre

Insulated Hardwalls

Our R-valued hardwall is made out of material that provides insulation and enhanced sound barrier to each tented structure. They are mainly installed to provide better air temperature control inside a given structure. Hardwalls can be cut to install both single and double doors as well as ventilation for heating and air.

Ground Stakes to secure your industrial structure

Ground Stakes

Our ground stakes are an option we provide for structure anchoring. They range from 36 to 52 inches in length in order to accommodate different tent profiles and varying surfaces. Stakes can be installed into any ground surface including grass, pavement, concrete, asphalt, or gravel.

Concrete Weights to help keep your structure secure

Concrete Weights

Regal carries a wide range of concrete weight sizes which we use to anchor structures that cannot get staked into the ground due to site restrictions. Our concrete weights also come equipped with white vinyl covers.

HVAC and Dehumidification for your industrial structure

HVAC / Dehumidification

All of our tent profiles can be specially fitted to accommodate a full range of HVAC products. Regal can deliver temperature controlled structures with on site power distribution, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. We also offer ceilings fans to assist in temperature circulation.

Stay safe and warm no matter the weather with our sturdy temporary industrial structures

Durable, warm and dry

We build our tents from waterproof materials that will keep your team and site dry, whatever the weather. We also have state of the art equipment to make sure all our materials are maintained to the highest standard and will stand the test of time. But we don’t just stop there. We have plenty of options to make the space even more comfortable by providing heating solutions and accessories for your industrial structure. By providing a warm heated tent for your team they will work much quicker than if they are working outside in the cold or rain.

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