Award-winning tents for incredible events across the world

From urban rooftops to waterfront piers, city parks to museum courtyards and the decks of ships to desert landscapes – the possibilities are as wild as your imagination. Serving North America and the Caribbean, Regal Tents & Structures’ mission is to provide the blank canvas you need to express your vision.  When your reputation is on the line, Regal delivers world-class tent rentals on time, on budget and with the utmost professionalism. 



Regal has a passion for creating the most incredible tents and structures


Driven by our passion for helping create incredible events, Regal Tents goes above and beyond at every stage of your tent rental journey. By pioneering new concepts and introducing innovative products, every structure goes up safely and cost-effectively. We surpass industry standards and insist on our tents not only looking pristine but performing with distinction. With 24/7 support, Regal goes the extra mile to meet the needs of every client. From our state-of-the-art washing facility to our meticulous attention to detail, our passion shows in the quality we insist on in every facet of our work.

Regal Tents prides ourselves on thinking outside the box and being creative in all that we do


Regal has a long history of finding innovative ways to create imaginative structures for all kinds of events, and helping all of our clients achieve their ultimate vision. Thanks to a magic mix of creative thinking and exacting precision, we can deliver perfectly installed structures, whatever the circumstances. No matter the challenge, by combining technology with creativity, experience and an unwavering commitment to supporting our clients, we can develop original structures for any event or environment.

Regal works hard to live up to the prestige of our clients


Because of our reputation, many of the world’s leading organizations have chosen to partner with us right from the planning stages to create unforgettable events. Our successes include projects for many of the world’s legendary brands – The White House, Lexus, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Arnold Palmer, Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, the Salt Lake City Olympics, World Youth Day and dozens of others. Regal consistently creates success for our clients and has won numerous awards and nominations from BizBash, ISES, Special Events, Event Solutions, IFAI, and many others.

Regal Tents About Us Team

Our Team

Our team is full of passionate people who hold themselves to the highest standards of performance. There is almost no margin for error when it comes to major world-class events, and we pride ourselves on working as a closely-knit team to create beautiful blank canvases for some of the world’s biggest events.

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