Glass Walls

Professional and permanent look
As an alternative to our standard fabric walls, glass walls provide a professional and permanent looking finish to our tents and structures. Glass walls give off a premium transparent finish that brings natural light and a crystal-clear view to your space. If you still want the professional and permanent traits but without the view inside, decals can be applied to the glass for more privacy.
Regal Tent Glass Walls Option
Regal Tents takes extra care to make sure every event goes off without a hitch

Product Uses

  • Excellent for Special Events where you want a spectacular view inside and out
  • Decals can be installed on glass walls for branding purposes or be used to create privacy spaces in certain areas within a tent
  • Gives any tent a more permanent look
Regal can meet your exacting specifications


  • High strength aluminum alloy frame with fitted glass panels
  • Available in 10’ and 13’ heights
  • Designed to meet all North American building code requirements


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