Safe structures for the trickiest of excavations

Archaeological excavations often take place in tricky places and on challenging terrains. Our experience allows us to ensure that your team remains safe while also prioritizing keeping the site clean of any unnecessary interferences. We know just how important it is that you can work carefully and we hold ourselves to the same exacting standards.

Archaeology dig in Ontario
Regal can meet your exacting specifications

Sturdy design that you can count on

All our tents are built to stand the test of time and will offer excellent coverage regardless of bad weather or challenging terrain. At Regal, we take pride in the details, and our Archaeological excavation shelters are no exception.

Stay safe and secure with Regal's guaranteed tents and structures

Keep your team safe, warm and dry in any weather

We always assemble our tents to ensure quality control and safety. We engineer all our tents to meet all North American building code requirements, so you can rest assured that your team will be working in the best possible conditions regardless of any problematic weather or rough terrain. By providing a warm heated tent for your team they will work much quicker than if they are working outside in the cold or rain.

Regal offers custom lighting solutions to match your event and style

Lighting for optimum working conditions

Adequate light is an essential factor for any archaeological site, and our well-ventilated tent structures also let in plenty of natural light so that you have high visibility during daylight hours. There’s also the option to kit the tent out with lighting to ensure full visibility when there is little natural light to be had. 

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