Clear Tents

Makes for extraordinary views

Clear tents provide you with the feeling of being outdoors, all while being inside a tent and protected from the elements. Our clear wall options are endless, and you can even opt for clear roofs if you want to create panoramic views of the scenery around your tent!

Regal tents Clear Tent Option
Regal Tents takes extra care to make sure every event goes off without a hitch

Product Uses

  • A great way to provide natural light inside your tent
  • Ability to showcase your surroundings and make the event feel totally open
  • Ideal for Special Events
Regal can meet your exacting specifications


  • Clear walls are available for all tent styles
  • Can add clear roofs to create panoramic views
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Our clear material is designed and tested to meet all NFPA and CAN-ULC fire and building code requirements


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