Snow Loaded Structures

Structures that can withstand the coldest temperatures

When it comes to providing shelter and safety in terrible weather conditions, look no further than our snow-loaded structures. By working to meet the demands of rough terrains and extreme climates, our structures can be custom-built to keep your team comfortable and protected regardless of heavy snow or icy conditions.

Snow Loaded Structures
No matter the weather outside, Regal has tents that will work for your location and needs

Experts when it comes to colder weather tents

Our extensive experience in winter and extreme cold tent installation makes us the perfect partner if you’re working on a winter project. Our snow-loaded structures are reliable in even the most arctic conditions, and we provide heating, lighting, and many other accessories, which will ensure excellent working conditions.

Regal Tents prides ourselves on thinking outside the box and being creative in all that we do

Our partners specialize in making winter workable

We have many well-established relationships with sub-trade partners that you will need to complete your winter project. Our mission is to save you money, time and resources by making sure you can work right through the worst weather.

Stay safe and secure with Regal's guaranteed tents and structures

Keep your team safe, warm and dry in any weather

We always assemble our tents to ensure quality control and safety. We engineer all our tents to meet all North American building code requirements, so you can rest assured that your team will be working in the best possible conditions regardless of any problematic weather or rough terrain. By providing a warm heated tent for your team they will work much quicker than if they are working outside in the cold or rain.

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