Purchase Options

Customizable storage solutions for your site

For those who need semi-permanent storage solutions, we provide the option to purchase some of our products. The beauty of our service is that whether you’re renting or buying, we’re here to help you find the solution that’s the most cost-effective for your needs. 

Regal Tents takes extra care to make sure every event goes off without a hitch

Cost-effective pricing for customizable storage solutions

Sometimes it can be hard to decide whether or not buying or renting your industrial tent is the most cost-effective solution. We’re more than happy to talk you through the pros and cons of each and help you figure out if our structures are a good semi-permanent storage solution for you. 

No matter the weather outside, Regal has tents that will work for your location and needs

Keep your equipment safe and dry in any weather

It can be tricky to store large equipment on site, and our industrial structures can provide the perfect solution. These semi-permanent structures can  be controlled to make sure your equipment stays in perfect condition.

Regal Tents takes extra care to make sure every event goes off without a hitch

Engineered to meet North American building code requirements

We always assemble our tents to ensure quality control and safety. We engineer all our structures to meet all North American building code requirements, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be kept safe.

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