Structures to help your crew stay productive and safe

When it comes to construction structures, safety is our guiding principle. We put the comfort of your team first, and build structures that will meet their needs even in the most demanding circumstances. Our custom structures are built to meet even the tightest of deadlines and we work hard to make sure you don’t have to extend your timeline or budget.

Temporary construction structure going up in winter conditions
Have a tight timeline? Don't worry, we will work with you to get your event set up on time and on budget

24/7 support to beat even the tightest deadlines

Our tents and structures prevent you from losing time and budget to bad weather. We know the importance of sticking to strict deadlines and are fully aware of the financial penalties that construction projects may face if timelines are extended, so we work to eliminate any delays

No matter the weather outside, Regal has tents that will work for your location and needs

Get the job done even when the weather won’t cooperate

One of the biggest reasons for investing in solid tent coverage is to reduce setbacks due to inclement weather or rough conditions. A structurally sound tent can cover all phases of the process, and we are happy to provide solutions that will keep your work safe and sound whether you’re demolishing, excavating, pouring concrete, fitting plumbing, working on masonry, framing, or renovating.

Customize your event with fencing, heating, custom decals and more

Flexible, customizable and movable

As work progresses. We take care of all adjustments and erect all our tents to ensure proper safety procedures are in place. You choose what your tent needs with options for fencing, flooring, lighting, etc. We can also move the structure to alternate site locations as the job progresses.

Stay safe and secure with Regal's guaranteed tents and structures

Keep your team safe, warm and dry in any weather

We always assemble our tents to ensure quality control and safety. We engineer all our tents to meet all North American building code requirements, so you can rest assured that your team will be working in the best possible conditions regardless of any problematic weather or rough terrain. By providing a warm heated tent for your team they will work much quicker than if they are working outside in the cold or rain.

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