Canada’s First Double-Decker Tent

Canada’s First Double-Decker Tent

In light of our most recent blog post, A Brief Glimpse Into Regal Tent’s History, I thought it would be a great time to reminiscence about the first time Regal Tent installed a double decker tent. The year was 2008. Several members of the Regal Tent office were preparing to submit a bid to participate in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. The job we were bidding on was for the installation of a tented structure for the Olympic Broadcasting Services. We wanted this badly. Badly enough that we would risk the unknown. In our bid, we made a promise that we would install two double-decker tents to house the broadcasters, who would come from all corners of the earth to deliver the pictures and sounds of the Olympics Games to the millions of viewers around the world.

The risk about the double-decker tent was that we had never installed one before. In fact, the double decker tent had never been installed by any other tent rental company in Canada before. It was a challenge and a risk for sure. And we liked that.

After a lot of work was put into designing the proposal and bid for the Olympic Broadcasting Services structure, we were eventually rewarded with the job. The Olympic Committee in charge of hiring us to install the tent really liked the idea of the two-story tent due to the minimal space where they had planned to put the broadcasters and they also felt comfortable with us doing it.


Above you can see the two double decker tents we installed. If you want to learn more in depth about the installation process and the specific tent pieces we used on these two structures for the Vancouver Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games, click here.

Ever since 2010, Regal Tent has been installing our double-decker tents several times a year for many different types of events all over North America. Have a look below to see some of the different looks of the double-decker.

Double Decker1

Double Decker2

Double Decker4

Double Decker5

Double Decker6


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