Insulated Hard Walls for the Olympic Broadcasting Centre

Olympic Broadcasting Venue

Great things come in small packages

Our challenge was to build 18,000 square feet of office spaces for broadcasting services at a major event in a small footprint of 10,000 square feet! To add to the complexity, our site was over a parking garage – tent anchors were not an option and there was no room for weights. Oh, and did we mention that the venue would house broadcasters from all over the world, all seated in rooms adjacent to one another? Soundproofing the structure was a must.

Since we couldn’t build-out, we built up. Our solution was an impressive double-decker structure with 2 complete levels. The main level showcased a heavy-duty flooring solution that not only created a laser-level foundation but was also engineered to secure the tent. And that soundproofing issue? Insulated hard walls were installed to buffer the sound between rooms.

The completed venue got fantastic feedback from the broadcasters & organizers alike – and showed that sometimes great things DO come in smaller packages.

Photo Credit: Coast Mountain Photography

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