Toronto Pride 2017 – Go Get Proud!

Toronto Pride 2017 – Go Get Proud!

Sunday, June 25th, 2017 marked this year’s Toronto Pride Parade, which is Canada’s largest Pride parade! This year’s festivities kicked off with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde leading thousands of revellers along the parade route, which wound along Bloor Street and then down Yonge Street in Toronto’s downtown core.

Regal Tent Productions was commissioned by Apple to create an outdoor tent extension at the Berkeley Bicycle Club on Jarvis Street. This famed building was once owned by Toronto’s Gooderham family, and the mansion has become a small events venue packed with history, sophistication and just the right amount of charm for any occasion. Regal Tent’s job was to transform their outdoor patio into a space where Pride-goers could hide out from the rain or sun, and enjoy the celebrations taking place throughout the city!

Downtown Toronto can be a tricky place to install a tent, because there are so many regulations surrounding timing that need to be followed. Our 15′ x 50′ frame tent needed to be installed between 6am and 9am on Sunday morning, and that meant not only installing the tent, but also filling up all the water barrels that anchor a structure on concrete in a very short time period! Our amazing crew was out in full force to make sure everything went off without a hitch, and to ensure that Apple’s Berkeley Bicycle Club venue was ready to be enjoyed by the masses first thing in the morning!

Apple has been supporting Pride parades around the world for years now, with this year’s main events being held in San Francisco, New York and of course, Toronto! They handed out t-shirts, and even had a fundraising campaign for charities that support gay rights running for the entire month of June. Regal Tent was proud to partner with such a progressive company to put together an amazing venue for this year’s Toronto Pride Parade, and look forward to working with Apple for years to come!



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