Tents Grow up!

Tents Grow up!

Tents Grow Up

It was once the case that a tent was simply a contingency plan; an answer to the threat of rain or other inclement weather to your client’s event. Today, the world of outdoor event environments has developed into much more than that. Whatever you think you know about tents – forget it! The modern outdoor event industry is all about changing the game. Here are some things you may not have known about tents…

They’re Big.

Not just big – huge! A clear span structure can cover more than 100,000 square feet. Reaching 200 feet wide and upwards of 500 feet long, a structure of this size needs no interior poles or supports. That is a wide open space for your client’s event that can be the size of two large NFL football fields.

They’re Creative.

The standard white vinyl tent is only the beginning for modern environments. Vinyl can be ordered in almost any colour or pattern. Solid colours can be enhanced with printed graphice and branding. Double-sided fabric or glass walls can create an even more unique look to your event.

They’re Changing Shape.

The real power of tents is in the custom solutions only they can provide. Automatic doors or a facade to hide the peak to make the tent look like a permanent building are no problem. Walls can be angled to create a more modern look and staking can be eliminated thanks to ballasted floor. Even the shape of the tent is flexible, with saddle back tents and geodesic domes. A tent can also go anywhere, from a boat to the roof of a hotel and anywhere in between. Want to pipe in the smell of freshly cut grass or fresh baked cookies? Easy. Balconies, second-floor patios and mezzanine levels overlooking your event are all among the endless possibilities of a custom outdoor environment.

They’re Vertical.

In North America, to go tall, you’ve been limited to two stories thus far. In Europe however, three and four-storey temporary structures have been gaining prominence. A four-storey tent can reach upwards of 60 feet at the peak, and the real advantage is that a smaller footprint won’t limit you in terms of how much space you have for activation.

They’re All-Weather.

No matter what’s going on outside, thanks to modern tenting tech, inside your environment it will be nice and comfortable. Climate control technology for temporary structures is as good as in permanent buildings, with full ductwork, ventilation and sealable, insulated hard walls.

They’re A/V Enabled.

Imagine having a blank canvas to build around you’re a/v needs, a canvas that’s as flexible as it is sturdy. Tented environments are strong enough to attach catwalks and secure enough for any truss system. Instruments and speakers can be clamped directly to arches (and false ceilings and double walls allow a/v elements to be concealed).


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