What it takes to build a record-breaking structure – Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

What it takes to build a record-breaking structure – Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

When you attend a large scale event, whether it’s a fair, festival, or a temporary sporting venue, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what goes into putting together those temporary structures you’re enjoying music, a cold beer or a show in. The reality is that there are inspectors, city officials and countless crew behind the building’s planning and construction, and we’re going to tell you a little about our experience putting up the record-breaking 60m wide Molson Canadian Hockey House for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

The Molson Canadian Hockey House was a building created for patrons to enjoy all kinds of Canadiana in, from musical guests to bars to merchandise to hockey game watching, and it was enormous! The largest tent structure to ever be planned and executed in Canada, this giant Clearspan tent structure stood over 60m wide (that’s the length of an NHL ice hockey rink for reference!) and required installation of a level floor (over tens of thousands of square feet) and the construction of countless internal walls for separate rooms and stores! When you think about the fact that this was a temporary structure, it’s pretty mind-blowing to consider the amount of work that went into its creation!

We set up quite a few structures for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games along the Western Coast of Canada, so we had crew on site from November 2009 through April of 2010 for tear down! Almost six months of installation and removal of these tent structures through inclement weather, last minute plan updates, and building snafus proved to be an incredible experience, especially when we got to relish in the stunning finished product. It’s an amazing feat to be the very first company to build a colossal sized structure for an unbelievably important international event, and to this day, 7 years later, we are still the only company who builds the Clearspan 60m tent!

Check out these amazing photos of the Molson Canadian Hockey house from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics – you can feel the Canadian energy in the air just looking at them!




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