World Mastercard Fashion Week

Regal works with the staff at Toronto Fashion Week twice a year to create a custom venue to hold over 40 Fashion Shows in a 5 day period in the heart of Toronto.  The install starts with over 30,000 square feet of level flooring on which the tents are built.  The intricate four tent design is customized with specialty gutters and gables to create a seamless space for two show rooms, an event space, office space and the hair & makeup area.  A one of a kind mezzanine is built to create a VIP space for guests to view both show rooms.  The site provides its own challenges, as the tents sits on an outdoor square this is actually on top of a mall and multiple levels of parking.  No staking is permitted so Regal has to work with engineers on site to ensure that all weight load requirements of the space are not exceeded when using concrete weights to anchor the tent.  Between installation, events, and removal Regal is on site for more than 5 weeks making sure Toronto Fashion Week is nothing less than a success.

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