Ralph Lauren Special Event Tent

Ralph Lauren’s 40th Anniversary

For the first time in Central Park history, the Conservatory opened its doors to a non-member event. Ralph Lauren’s 40th Anniversary Fashion Show was an acclaimed success. This event housed the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Diane Sawyer and Martha Stewart to name a few – so, every detail had to be thoughtfully crafted. Regal’s contribution was stunning high peaked tents, soaring to 32 feet in height, strategically scattered throughout the picturesque grounds. Every single tent pole was powder coated in either a white or black finish to blend seamlessly into the decor design. Traditional ballasts were replaced by custom, stackable and compact steel plates that measured 25% of the size of their concrete counterparts. 440 feet of catering tents were designed to visually “disappear” in the dark of night. And up to 28 crew people worked tirelessly to install the floor and tents in just 24 hours!

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