Hockley Valley’s Summer Event Tent!

Hockley Valley’s Summer Event Tent!

Hockley Valley Resort is a year-round resort destination located in the Hills of Headwaters, in the heart of some of Ontario’s most picturesque countryside. The Resort features 104 luxury rooms and suites, 14 meeting rooms and an 8,000 sq.ft. full-service spa, and is home to a championship 18-hole golf course as well as 15 scenic ski and snowboard runs for all levels. It is also a popular destination for weddings and other outdoor events, which is how Regal Tent came to partner with them for their 2018 event season!

With a very specific footprint for us to work within, and a design request to fit said landscape, almost all components of the tents installed at Hockley Valley were custom made for this specific locale. This included custom roofs on both the 30′ x 35′ Legacy tent and 20′ x 10′ Legacy tents we erected as well as custom roofs and walls on smaller canopy tents that were used to connect everything together. We also needed to create special connecting gutters and leg fillers to ensure that rain would not make it’s way inside any of the tents, or seep between any areas where the tents and existing building walls would meet – the whole purpose of a tent is to keep everyone dry, after all!


The finished tenting layout looked absolutely fabulous, and will be a beautiful venue clustered amongst the stunning views and landscape offered by Hockley Valley’s gorgeous grounds. If you’re considering a tented wedding, you should definitely check out this amazing venue, or contact us by clicking here to see if we can put up a tent at a venue you’ve already booked – there aren’t many places that Regal Tent can’t install one of our amazing tents!


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