Celebrating 30 Years in the Event Industry

Celebrating 30 Years in the Event Industry

2017 is a very special year for Regal Tent as we are celebrating our 30th year in the special event industry. What started out as a small tent rental company with 5 full time employees has grown into one of Canada’s largest tent rental companies with over 50 employees year round.

On September 13 of 2003, Regal moved into our current building now in order to accommodate the growing number of employees and the expansion of our temporary tents and event flooring rental inventory. Over the years we have grown our inventory to include temporary structures that are capable of having a second level to even commercial sized tents that are as wide and as long as a football field.

With the growth of Regal’s inventory we have been lucky to have been involved in some great events all over North America. We’ve been to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Florida, just to name a few. We’ve dipped our toes into sporting events, private weddings, corporate celebrations, archaeological projects, construction gigs, and into the fashion scene. A lot of great friends were made along the way.

Much of our success couldn’t have been had without the people we have surrounded ourselves with. We’d like to give thanks to our hardworking employees, to our dedicated suppliers, and to our new and existing clients for trusting us to provide them with the bones to create their special event.

Here’s to another 30 years in the industry.

 You can also take a further look at Regal Tent’s brief history by clicking here.




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