Wedding Wednesday – Q&A on Why a Tent is a Must!

Wedding Wednesday – Q&A on Why a Tent is a Must!

When our Sales and Marketing Manager Michelle McCulloch got married, she knew right away that she wanted to have a tent on site for her outdoor nuptials (and not just because she works in the tent industry!). Not only did it alleviate the stress of worrying about the weather on her wedding day (and let’s face it, this summer that’s been a huge stress on many brides to be sure), but also to protect her guests from increasingly hot summer temperatures! Her’s what she had to say in her own words:

Q: Did you know right away that you wanted to have a tent for your wedding?

A: I did. As soon as we picked the venue (which was a beautiful golf course!), I knew that there would be absolutely no shade for our guests in the outdoor ceremony area, and I wanted to make sure I had my guests covered (literally!)!

Q: What was the best part of having a tent for your big day?

A: It really took the worry away for us. It didn’t matter what the weather forecast was going to be – rain or super sunny – we could prepare for our big day without having to obsess about the weather conditions!

Q: How did you choose which style of tent you wanted to use?

A: The golf course we got married at had the most stunning grounds, so we always knew we didn’t want to take away from the scenic views with a closed-in tent. Instead we chose a Legacy tent which allowed for the walls and ends to be removed, leaving behind a simple shelter with amazing views of the surrounding landscape.

Q: Would you do anything differently if you had to do it over again?

A: No I wouldn’t! We kept things super simple, with very simple decor. Some basic white draping on the tent legs and concrete weights were all it took to glam things up a bit, and we brought our wedding colours in by hanging some simple paper balls up high on the tent’s peak. It made the most perfect backdrop for our family photos! It was exactly what I wanted.

So there you have it! Planning ahead and making sure your guests are comfortable during your wedding ceremony, and the celebrations that follow, is just one more way to ensure that your wedding is truly the best day ever!


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