Wedding Wednesday – Always Have a Plan B for Rain!

Wedding Wednesday – Always Have a Plan B for Rain!

It has been a very wet few months in Southern Ontario, with record rainfalls and more thunderstorms than can be counted! With the summer months ahead, and more rain in the forecast, it simply makes sense to start thinking about rain contingency plans as your wedding (or other large event!) approaches. How can you ensure your guests are comfortable (and dry!) and that you and your wedding party look your very best?! Have a tent on standby, of course! Aside from that, here are a few top tips from The New York Times on how to gracefully deal with rain on your big day.

Have a Plan B

Whether it’s a secondary location, or a tent to allow your outdoor space to be transformed into a shelter (like with one of our clear tents as shown above!), be sure to have a Plan B in place for your wedding. This allows you to let go of your 24/7 watch of the Weather Channel, so you can spend time getting excited about what’s going to be one of the best days of your life! Once a Plan B is locked down, you can focus on the important parts of your big day, and stop stressing about rainy days!

Don’t Forget the Basics

When life hands you rain – make sure you have umbrellas on hand! Being prepared for rain means that your guests can enjoy the comforts of umbrellas, rain ponchos and heck, maybe even some galoshes! So, f you’re worried about rain for your big day, look into local rental companies that can provide you with super cute clear umbrellas, or even one-size-fits-most galoshes that guests can slip over their shoes! You can also hit up a local dollar store to stock up on some “super fashionable” plastic rain ponchos! Just make sure you get some group photos, as these will make for amazing memories down the road.

Make the Best of It

If it rains, it rains! Your attitude and happiness will radiate out to your guests, and if the bride and groom are having a great time, so will everyone else! Make the best of less than ideal circumstances by being as prepared as possible, and smiling through it all! It is, after all, just one day in a future of many with your significant other!

All told, rain on your wedding day really doesn’t have to be that big of a deal! With preparation (click here to check out our amazing tent offerings!), and a positive attitude, absolutely nothing has to stop your wedding day from shining!


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