WayHome Music Festival 2017

WayHome Music Festival 2017

WayHome is more than a music festival. It’s a community. It’s an escape. It’s an experience. It can be once-in-a-lifetime, but for most, it’s once-a-summer. Stunning performances, larger than life art installations – set on a canvas of lush green fields that feel good under your toes. A million miles away from ’normal life’, but only an hour north of Toronto. This is how the WayHome Music Festival is described on their website, and with thousands of revelers lining up to attend every year, it seems like they’ve done a great job of bringing this vision to a reality!

This year Regal Tent Productions partnered with two companies to being unique structures to WayHome for attendees to enjoy! Perrier brought their world-famous carbonated water to site with the help of a completely clear, glass tent, and Top Shop Top Man brought their festival fashion style to site with a completely blacked out tent! These two structures were essentially complete opposites of one another, and are another example of just how creatively you can customize a tent with Regal Tent!

We sent two separate crews out to the event grounds at Burl’s Creek to make sure that each tent had a dedicated team of experienced tent installers working on their creation, with the Perrier tent taking three days to construct and the Top Shop tent taking two days! Once the tents were set up and ready to go, the magical interior designs were brought to life. How incredible to think that complete structures can be built and transformed into pop up shops in just a matter of days (and on a campground, no less!)!

Bringing our clients’ visions to life is something that we pride ourselves on, and we’d love to help you create something incredible for your special event! Be sure to check out our amazing portfolio here for ideas on the many ways Regal Tent Productions can partner with you to make what may seem impossible, possible!


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