Regal’s Double Decker Tent!

Regal’s Double Decker Tent!

Regal Tent Productions prides itself on being an innovator in the tent industry, and for us this means investing in unique and interesting tent inventory. In 2010, Regal acquired the only Double Decker tent in Canada, which we first installed at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Since then, it has become one of our most sought-after tents, and has been used by Virgin Mobile, L’Oreal, Molson Canadian, Samsung and at the Calgary Stampede, to name just a few!

In 2017, we remain the only company in Canada that carries this tent, which offers unobstructed useable space on the entire main level, as well as fully useable space on an upper mezzanine and patio. This tent can be completely customized in both size and style. You can choose glass or vinyl walls, where you’d like your stairs to sit, whether or not to include an upper level patio, and how big the tent will be! It’s truly a build your own tent experience with our double decker. Our clients can also choose to customize the top of the tent with a printed gable end as you can see in the Virgin Mobile photos below, create a completely branded scaffold facade as you can see in the Samsung photo to follow, or create a custom flat top pelmet for the tent like L’Oreal chose to do for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Last year we installed a 20m x 40m version of our double decker for the World Cup Hockey House. This massive structure had the same footprint on both the upper and lower levels, with the mezzanine level boasting a large patio for patrons to enjoy. The structure was rounded out with two sets of stairs, glass walls, heavy duty flooring, hard walls and loads of glass railing! Taking more than two weeks to install, this structure was one of the largest double decker tents we have ever created!

A unique structure like our double decker tent can truly transform your event! For more information, or to see more photos please click here!


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