Gucci Fundraiser for Madonna’s Raising Malawi

The most highly anticipated event at New York’s fashion week was the Gucci sponsored Madonna Malawi Fundraiser. Sold out well before the show, the crème de la crème of the international entertainment glitterati excitedly paid the $2,500 – $10,000 per plate entry. The A-list guest list and the heartfelt importance of the event demanded the best venue New York could offer. Regal was sought out to partner with the planner to create a temporary venue befitting this prestigious event. The extreme variances in temperature and the limitations of the site posed many challenges to overcome. Solutions included transporting the vinyl material in climate-controlled trucks and mounting it using electric blankets and heat blowers to prevent cracking and shattering. As well, a custom-engineered floor was designed by Regal to weight the structures down as staking and standard weights were not an option. With these and many other challenges surmounted, the event was an acclaimed success – raising over $3.7 million!

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