Festival for the Arts Boca

With an impressive list of renowned artists attending the inaugural Festival of the Arts in Boca Raton, Florida, Regal Tent had to create a visually impressive structure capable of accommodating a packed house of art and music lovers from all walks of life. The challenge was daunting. A 50m structure had to be erected in a space surrounded by permanent obstructions, a feat akin to building a model ship in a bottle. Thinking outside of the bottle, Regal Tent used a crane and two telescopic forklifts to perform a meticulously-choreographed, synchronized dance. While the crane gingerly lifted the tent frame skyward, the forklifts gently pushed the legs into place, raising and securing the enclosure while protecting surrounding structures. Thanks to a magic mix of creative thinking and exacting precision, Regal Tent was able to deliver a perfectly installed structure within a tight-fitting amphitheater.

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