Endurance World Open Bermuda

While accustomed to accepting and surmounting challenges, the Endurance World Open squash championship presented some special issues for our team:

  • Construct a 16,000 ft2¬†world-championship outdoor, glass-wall squash venue in three weeks;
  • Create a location to meet the requirements of 1,400 on-site spectators and teams broadcasting to
    2.6 billion global television viewers;
  • Do this on a small, walled site in Bermuda;
  • Oh, and do it during tropical Hurricane Noel!

Completing this project to our client’s enormous satisfaction was a result of the precision management of resources and a finely tuned ballet of cranes and forklifts. The delay created by Noel was met with an extraordinary commitment by our team of dedicated professionals. The structure itself housed the world champions on “the most spectacular outdoor location”* and performed beyond expectations according to the world’s squash elite. The outcome reflected our passion for our client’s vision and while remarkable in many respects was well within the reputation for overcoming challenges that our team has earned.

*R. Triffitt, Tournament Director

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