Covid-19 Relief Tents

Quick and mobile installation

Our engineered temporary Clearspan Structures can be mobilized quickly to act as a solution for providing additional space to schools, businesses, and medical facilities in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. We carry a wide array of inventory that allows us to erect structures from 10 feet to 200 feet wide in order to accommodate any sized space.


The Benefits of Using our Temporary Structures:

Fast installation 

  • Ready to use within 24-72 hours

Custom Sizing

  • A wide variety of sizing available to maximize space

Flexible payment terms

  • Rental periods can run week to week or month to month depending on your needs.

Project Expertise

  • Project expertise and management to swiftly execute and transform any space. We will manage the set up from start to finish.

Turn-Key Solution

  • Our fully contained structures can come complete with climate control, lighting, flooring, doors, fire extinguishers, and exit lights.¬†


Drive-Thru Testing Center

Drive-Thru Testing Centers

Medical Assessment Facilities

Covered Screening Areas

Schools and Businesses:

Restaurant Patio Tents


Outdoor Distancing Spaces

Outdoor Lunchroom Tents

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