Georgian College Auto Show 2017

Georgian College Auto Show 2017

The Georgian College Auto Show is put on by the Automotive Business School of Canada and is the largest outdoor student-run automobile show in North America. This year, Regal Tent Productions partnered with Georgian College and numerous car manufacturers to install the tents and temporary structures at this epic event! With a focus on innovations in the auto industry including safer technologies and fuel advancements, this year’s show was unlike anything Georgian College had done before!

The Set-Up

Ashleigh McCulloch, Sales and Operations Coordinator for Regal Tent was on site for the two week set-up, and couldn’t believe  the crazy May weather in Barrie! There were days with torrential rain downpours, and others with winds so strong they were bending our flag poles at the base, but through it all our amazing crew worked on and got the job done!

The Manufacturers

We worked with not only Georgian College but also 18 car manufacturers including Acura, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Ford, and the list goes on and on! Each manufacturer had their own tent built by Regal, with different specifications for branding, design and set-up. In total, we set up almost 30 tents and structures on site for the three day event that ran from June 2 through 4, 2017. Check out these amazing aerial shots:

The Results

This was Regal Tent Production’s first year as exclusive tent supplier for this event, and it was a resounding success! Working with the students and team at Georgian College was absolutely wonderful, and we’re so looking forward to many years of innovation and growth as we continue to work on North America’s largest student-run auto show! Be sure to check out the different tents we used on site via our website here, and stay up to date on next year’s auto show dates via the Georgian College website here!

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