Calgary Stampede 2017

Calgary Stampede 2017

The Calgary Stampede is an iconic outdoor event and Canadian community that has existed for over 100 years! Dating back to the late 1800s, it has certainly evolved over the past century, but remains a gathering place for cowboys, music enthusiasts and country-lovers in general. Since 1912, over 70 million people have passed through the Stampede grounds which has grown from 95 acres to 208 acres, with over 2500 volunteers ensuring the yearly event (held over several weeks in July), goes off without a hitch.

For over a decade, Regal Tent Productions has partnered with Cowboys Casino to bring a fun, exciting venue to the Calgary Stampede grounds, that has become a staple of nightlife and excitement. Our double decker tent is one of kind (truly the only one available in North America!) and offers the space, uniqueness and fun that Cowboys wants to make sure to impart upon all the patrons that come through their doors.

Setting up a tent of this magnitude is no small feat, so we send out our crew of talented installers for a few weeks in June to make sure that installation goes off without a hitch. This year’s biggest challenge were some fierce windstorms that slowed down our crew for a few days, but they rallied back and finished everything up with time to spare! To give you an idea of just how big our Stampede tent is, it’s two stories tall with an upper mezzanine inside! The entire square footage is about 35,000 square feet – that’s the equivalent of a mansion with 50 rooms if you can believe it!

Often times when people think of tents, they think of camping tents or wedding tents, but it’s rare that an enormous, building-sized structure would come to mind! You can check out all the amazing, unique styles of tents and temporary structures that we offer by checking out our portfolio here!


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