Bermuda Squash Championships – A 27′ Tall Structural Feat

Bermuda Squash Championships – A 27′ Tall Structural Feat

The Bermuda Squash Championships of 2007 may have been a decade ago, but it was still one of the most memorable jobs that our Operations Manager Chris Gorman ever worked on. It was November 2007, and we sent a crew down to build a 30 metre Clearspan tent that was 7.5 metres high – that’s 27 feet for those of you unfamiliar with metric conversions!! What kind of equipment do you need to build a tent that size?! The answer is A LOT!

Forklifts, aerial lifts and a 100 ton crane were all rented to bring this project to fruition, but things got off to a bit of a rocky start as Tropical Storm Noel decided to cruise through the tropics just as the job was getting off the ground. Luckily, after a one day delay the crew was able to get back to work building the squash tournament’s entertainment structure, and for 14 days they busied themselves putting it all together.

The set-up crew worked very hard, but they also got to enjoy some of Bermuda’s beautiful beaches and golf on their down time while staying at the Fairmont Southampton on the country’s south shores. While working, they enjoyed some amazing aerial views of the island up in the crane! Check out the stunning photos below, it’s hard to believe all this beauty exists on an island that is only 50 square kilometres!

Creating temporary structures for events like the Bermuda Squash Championship is actually tantamount to building an actual building in the span of just a few short weeks. The logistics involved are incredibly detailed, and these structures are not like the tents you take out into the woods camping with you! They have doors, railings, some are even multi-level with staircases! Your options for temporary structures only end with the limits of your imagination. If you could build a dream structure anywhere in the world you wanted, what would you build and where would it be? We’d love to hear from you!

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