Our temporary structures are modular and can increase in width and length by pre-determined increments. They also have the rare ability to reach unprecedented HEIGHTS for tents in North America. Our inventory and experienced staff enables us to build structures up to 7.5m (25′) in leg height. Height can be an important factor for particular sites and projects that require the allowance of large equipment within the tented space. Whether a client needs to drive a large vehicle, forklift or even an airplane into the structure, our various leg heights and structure dimensions give you the option to do so. Regal has been building these types of unique structures for the last 30 years and we can modify the size of the structure to meet your specific requirements.


Regal is renowned for installing temporary structures in some of the most difficult spaces. We have built tents on extremely sloping surfaces, ballasted tents in the most difficult of ground conditions, and installed structures in some of the most hard to get to locations. Our unique inventory allows for the FLEXIBILITY to design a structure to accommodate site specific needs. We can also erect our structures in spaces that can sometimes be surrounded by permanent obstructions making it difficult to get a project started. Regal has the ability to erect structures in tight spaces using cranes to lift frame into place. No matter the challenge, by combining technology, experience and an unwavering commitment to success, we are able to develop original solutions for any environment.


Regal is the leader in imagining, engineering and erecting temporary enclosures in demanding circumstances. This is why many of the world’s leading organizations have chosen to partner with us right from the planning stages to CUSTOMIZE structures that will work for their project during any season of the year. Our structures are modular in design so they can be built to withstand the cold and snow of the Winter Season and the heat and rain of the Summer Season. Using our temporary structures has proven to boost ROI for construction and archaeological companies who need to complete deadlines regardless of the weather outside. We are certain that our experience in designing these structures will lead to no time lost and cost effective solutions for your outdoor project.

A structure for every space and season

Services we provide to ensure your project planning goes as smooth as possible

Site Review & Consultation

Preliminary site reviews enable our experienced consultants to identify preferred tent locations, determine optimal layouts, and uncover potential challenges. We evaluate overhead wires, site accessibility, underground obstructions, plane and consistency of the ground, catch basins, storm sewers and dozens of other factors. By putting a site under the microscope in advance, we can minimize costs and eliminate headaches for our clients.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Regal Tent’s acquisition of a state-of-the-art industrial washing and drying machine allows us to ensure only the highest quality of vinyl is used.Regal is also the proud owner of a Dielectric Heat Sealer which is also located in house at our warehouse. This equipment helps Regal to repair and manufacture customized vinyl products like roof panels, walls, liners, awnings and specialty structures.

Project Logistics

Regal Tent’s extensive experience and project management resources enable us to get as deeply involved in the co-ordination and logistics of your project. Call on us to install a single temporary enclosure or multiple temporary enclosure within various locations. We can be your single point of contact to manage sub-trades, coordinate total production scheduling, obtain any necessary building permits, and ensure safety compliance for all vendors.


Regal Tent’s AutoCAD department provides clients with detailed digital drawings as a planning aid. AutoCAD drawings enable planners and estimators to create precise component layers to show how our temporary structures can be laid out in a given area.