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From metropolitan rooftops to waterfront piers, city parks, museum courtyards and the decks of ships – the choice is as wide as your imagination. Wherever you choose to stage your large tent event, providing the blank canvas on which to express your imagination is our mission. When your reputation is on the line, and there is no margin for error, we know how to deliver outstanding tent rentals on time, on budget and with the utmost professionalism. Let us show you a few of the innovative, dramatic tent structures we have created for major events across North America. They represent a sampling of the exceptional solutions we create almost daily to support major international brands and world class organizations.


Regal is driven by PASSION. Our passion for helping clients to excel has led us to pioneer new concepts and introduce innovative tent rental products, ensuring that each and every enclosure goes up safely and cost-effectively, looks pristine and performs with distinction. Passion has motivated us to provide unsurpassed 24/7 support, and to expand our services to meet the special needs of every client. It has propelled us to acquire a state-of-the-art washing facility and develop procedures that ensure meticulous attention to detail and quality at every turn. And it has driven us to seek out extraordinary solutions for our clients, such as a 200 foot wide Clear Span tent. Regal’s passion is fueled by our desire to help our clients impress their guests at each and every event. It is enabled by partnerships, where our extensive experience and unwavering professionalism combine to add incalculable value for our clients.


We are renowned for solving problems creatively and finding imaginative ways to help our clients bring their visions to life. With an impressive list of renowned artists attending the inaugural Festival of the Arts in Boca Raton, Florida, Regal Tent had to create a structure capable of accommodating a packed house of art and music lovers from all walks of life. A 50m Clear Span structure had to be erected in a space surrounded by permanent obstructions, a feat akin to building a model ship in a bottle. Thinking outside of the bottle, Regal Tent used a crane and two telescopic forklifts to perform a meticulously-choreographed dance. Thanks to a magic mix of creative thinking and exacting precision, Regal Tent was able to deliver a perfectly installed structure within a tight-fitting amphitheatre. No matter the challenge, by combining technology with CREATIVITY, experience and an unwavering commitment to support our clients, we are able to develop original solutions for any event or environment.


Regal is the leader in imagining, engineering and erecting temporary enclosures in demanding circumstances. This is why many of the world’s leading organizations have chosen to partner with us right from the planning stages to create unforgettable events. Our successes include projects for many of the world’s legendary brands – The White House, Lexus, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Arnold Palmer, Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, the Salt Lake City Olympics, World Youth Day and dozens of others. Through our ability to consistently create success for our clients, we have won awards and nominations from BizBash, ISES, Special Events, Event Solutions, IFAI, and many others. We invite you to discuss your event and venue with us. We are certain that our creativity, experience, passion and PRESTIGE will lead to ingenious, cost effective solutions no matter what your need.

A tent for every season, space and vision…

Services to make your event a huge success…

Site Review & Consultation

Preliminary site reviews enable our experienced consultants to identify preferred tent locations, determine optimal layouts, and uncover potential challenges. We evaluate overhead wires, site accessibility, underground obstructions, plane and consistency of the ground, catch basins, storm sewers and dozens of other factors. By putting a site under the microscope in advance, we can minimize costs and eliminate headaches for our clients and their guests.

3D Animation

Regal Tent Productions has taken CAD to a higher level. We now offer our clients animated “walk-throughs” that let them experience their event long before it happens. This virtual tour enables event planners to present and sell show concepts to their clients. It also identifies potential problems long before the structure is designed and installed, saving time and money and increasing event’s impact and effectiveness.

Event Logistics

Regal Tent’s extensive experience and project management resources enable us to get as deeply involved in the co-ordination and logistics of your event as you need us to be. Call on us to install a single tent. Or ask us to take over general contracting for the whole event. We can be your single point of contact to manage sub-trades, coordinate total production scheduling and ensure safety compliance for all vendors. Leave the details to us and remain focused on managing the big picture.


Regal Tent’s AutoCAD department provides clients with detailed digital drawings as an event planning aid. AutoCAD drawings enable planners to create component layers including elements such as seating, electrical components, decor elements and audio visual equipment. By combining and comparing layers, all show elements can be synchronized to work together within the show environment.

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Regal Tent has developed a reputation for meticulous attention to detail. Our acquisition of a state-of-the-art industrial washing and drying machine allows us to ensure only the cleanest equipment is used by our clients for their special events. This environmentally-friendly machine is currently being used in only a small number of progressive tent companies around the world and Regal Tent is the first to bring it to North America.

In addition to our state-of-the-art industrial washing machine, Regal is also the proud owner of a Dielectric Heat Sealer. This equipment helps Regal to repair and manufacture customized vinyl products like roof panels, walls, liners, awnings and specialty tents.

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