A 361′ Tent on the Detroit River!

Being able to create what seems unimaginable to our clients when they first reach out to Regal Tent Productions, is one of the greatest joys of being an innovative, solution-oriented tent business! When this particular client reached out last year, he had a dream of hosting his daughter’s wedding in a large, glass-walled temporary structure with stunning views of the Detroit River and Ambassador Bridge. The only catch? It needed to house multiple separated areas for the ceremony, cocktail reception, and dinner and dancing AND accommodate over 600 people – and that was just the main tent! Enter Michael McCulloch, Regal Tent’s President and CEO, and planning began to accomplish this feat!

After meticulous planning, we ended up erecting a total of six tents, including the main tent which measured a staggering 132′ x 361′ x 17′ and boasted over 200′ of glass walls, an assortment of clear and white walls and roofs on the rest of the structure, internal gables to separate the tent into three separate hosting areas, a 24′ x 361′ outdoor patio space, eighteen sets of double doors and a plank & ply subfloor with neutral gray carpet laid on top. There was also a connected entryway tent that measured 50′ x 50′ x 17′ to allow chartered buses a covered drop off point for wedding guests! Being that the wedding was taking place in West Riverfront Park in Detroit, there was also a need for a kitchen tent, tents to stage and set up, and of course, a washroom tent – all handled by Regal Tent with ease!

We had a crew of talented installers on site in Detroit for a month setting up these tents, and they were able to work through the challenges of the windy riverbank flawlessly to ensure our client had their wedding venue ready to go for their big day! We love the challenge that comes with creating unique and memorable event spaces, and relish the chance to help bring our clients’ dreams into reality! If you have an event that requires some outside-the-box thinking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by clicking here! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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