The Evolution of the Wedding Tent

By January 17, 2018Legacy Tent, Weddings

Wedding tents have come a long way over the past few decades, and what many people envision when they think of an event tent is very far from today’s reality! Gone are the thick, clunky walls, over-sized frame, support poles through the interior, and passé layout of yesteryear. Enter instead today’s streamlined tents with clean lines, a myriad of fabric options and completely open interiors that don’t require support poles throughout. Current tent design also allows for bracing to be accomplished using special cabled bays and creative anchoring rather than requiring unsightly supports on the interior (or exterior!) of a tent!

Pole Tent

While pole tents still offer an amazing WOW factor when photographed from afar, you can see from the photos above that they definitely have more obstructions both around the exterior, and on the interior, than more current tent designs. The photos above were from a World Youth Day celebration, and the pole tent was a great option for their event, but I’m sure you can imagine that it would be much more cumbersome for a wedding. Having less clear entry ways into the tent can make catering and wedding party entrances more challenging, and the poles on the interior can take away from the ambiance of the wedding decor. For this reason, Regal currently uses only Legacy and Clearspan style tents for our wedding clients!

Legacy Tent

As you can see from the photos of our Legacy tents above, they are much more streamline in their design, and the perfect venue for any wedding ceremony or reception! With walls that can easily be removed or tied back they allow for versatility in any type of weather (and can be adjusted throughout the day with minimal difficulty), they are the perfect temporary wedding venue solution. You also have the option for white fabric or clear fabric, including beautiful clear skylights that allow spectacular views of the night sky during an evening wedding reception! With less obstructions around the exterior and on the interior, catering companies can easily maneuver throughout, and wedding photographers and videographers can capture unobstructed memories of your big day!

If you have an upcoming wedding and would like to discuss your tented venue options, please reach out to us by clicking here! We would love to help you plan your special day, and offer suggestions for the best tent for your big day!


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