Regal Tent and the Great Canadian Baking Show!

By November 1, 2017Television

We were so thrilled when Proper Television reached out to Regal Tent earlier this year about partnering to create a filming space for The Great Canadian Baking Show, a new series that will air on CBC on Wednesdays at 8pm (EST) beginning today, November 1st! We knew right away that we’d need to think outside the box to create the show’s “iconic white tent”, so we set to work collaborating with designers to see what we could come up with!

In tonight’s premiere episode, hosts Daniel Levy and Julia Chan will welcome ten of Canada’s most passionate bakers to compete in the first of many challenges, with a baker being asked to leave the tent every week as they whittle their way down to the show’s winner – the Great Canadian Baker!

The creation of this tent was a real labour of imagination and hard work, with our crew being on site at The Canadian Film Centre for several weeks building the custom 40′ x 98′ High Peak Clearspan Tent that became the home for the show’s cast and crew over the summer. We even extended the floor outside the tent to act as outdoor patio space!

What you may not realize is that many times when you’re watching a television show, filming may actually be taking place inside a tent! Not only can the exterior be customized to look however our clients want, but the interior can also be built up from scratch to look like the inside of a school, an auditorium, a store, a restaurant, or a kitchen! The idea is to make these sets seem as real as possible, all while using a cost-effective, completely blank canvas to start from – a tent! Check out more of the work we’ve done by clicking here, or reach out and contact us about your upcoming projects by clicking here! You can also check out a sneak peek of the show below:



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