Wedding Etiquette – How to be the Best Wedding Guest Ever!

By May 10, 2017Weddings

Does it ever feel like you’re just not sure what to do when it comes to being a wedding guest? What’s the proper etiquette these days? Is it okay to post wedding pictures online right away? Can you bring a plus one? What should you wear? Glamour Magazine and Martha Stewart Living have some great advice for what to do to get an A+ guest rating when you’ve been invited to a wedding!

Is it just you, or do you get a plus one?

The envelope you receive your invitation in will hold all the important information on this one. If it’s just your name on the envelope, you’ve been invited solo. No matter how badly you want to reach out and ask if you can bring a guest – don’t do it! The bride and groom have taken budget and space limitations into account when making their wedding invite list, and you need to respect their decision. If your envelope says you and another name (friend, significant other, etc.) than that is the person that needs to go with you – no swapping out of guests allowed! And finally, the most flexible kind of invitation is your name + guest, which means you can bring whomever you choose – how fun for you! Most importantly of all – RSVP on time! This helps the happy couple plan their seating chart and numbers, so it’s important they hear from you by the date they’ve requested.

Pay attention to the dress code (and please don’t wear white!)

You may need to do a little digging around to find out what ‘beach chic’ or ‘barn wedding attire’ means, but you should respect what the bride and groom have set as their wedding vision, and dress accordingly. Do some research online, and if you’re still not quite sure what to wear, ask a member of the wedding party. They’ll know exactly what you should do! Oh, and I think it kind of goes without saying but seriously (seriously!) don’t wear white. That’s the bride’s job!

How to navigate social media at the wedding!

If the happy couple have created a cute hashtag they want guests to use, then chances are that they’re okay with you posting pictures on social media right from the wedding! But there are people who want to keep their special day private, or wait for the professional pictures to roll in before sharing publicly, in which case you need to respect their wishes. Keep your eyes peeled for signage that asks you to keep your cameras tucked away, or listen in for instructions from the emcee. As the guest, it’s your responsibility to find out what the couple’s desires for their social media debut are, and to abide by what they ask of you!

We hope that these top wedding etiquette tips will prove useful to you as you begin to navigate the busy wedding season ahead! Don’t forget – if you have any large event (like a wedding!) rental needs, please be sure to check out our website HERE and get in touch – we’d love to help you plan your special day!



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