Update: New Flooring Rentals Section added to our Website

By October 21, 2016Informational

The time has arrived. We have finally added a flooring rentals section to our website to help promote awareness on all of the temporary event flooring options we carry in our inventory. We think it’s important to broadcast this, as many of our new and future clients aren’t always aware that we can also help them with their event flooring needs. Not only can we provide the tent for your event, but we can also provide the flooring to match. This essentially allows us to create a complete temporary venue for you to hold your event.

Our current inventory consists of six different types of temporary event floor all of which serve their own unique purpose. Although each floor is used under different settings, the easiest way to categorize them all is through two main categories. The first group of flooring falls under the category called subfloor. The second group falls under what we call finished floor.

Our biljax floor, plywood & plank floor, and ballast floor make a great subfloor option. This category of flooring is used specifically for custom event flooring spaces that require a floor to be built overtop an existing unlevel ground surface. The reason why these types of floor are grouped into the subfloor category is because once they are fully installed, they require an additional layer of finished flooring on top to give it more complete look.

This brings us to the second category of flooring. Our finished flooring is made up of either carpet or supatrac floor. Our carpet can be laid on top of any of the subfloor options listed above to bring about a fresh look for your event. On the other hand, our supatrac floor can either be laid directly on the ground or placed on top of any subfloor option. The one thing about supatrac floor is that when it is placed on the ground, it follows the grounds natural grade as opposed to our subfloor options. Therefore supatrac floor is best used on naturally flat surfaces.

The last floor product we have is our raised beam floor which is meant for going over top existing pools to create more standing space in backyards. This type of floor really falls under its own category, as it is both a subfloor and finished floor all in one.

For more information on our temporary flooring rentals take a look through the Floor Rentals section of our website. There you’ll find a more detailed description of each floor style as well as a couple pictures of each.


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