Q&A with Regal Tent’s President Michael McCulloch

By May 8, 2015Informational

Q: How did you get started in the tent rental world?

A: While at University I worked as an installer at a tent rental company in Toronto called Sopers Tents. Upon graduation, I was offered a sales position there and decided to try it for a year while I looked for something serious….here I am 35 years late still looking.

Q: How do you start your morning routine at work?

A: I like to arrive early before the rest of the office staff and organize my thoughts for the day. That first cup of coffee goes down so much better in that moment of quiet.

Q: What’s been your most memorable experience so far at Regal?

A: Many events standout for me but I think the most memorable was the time Regal Tent was named Best Small Business of the Year in the Province of Ontario. When I went up to accept the award on behalf of Regal and speak in front of so many business leaders as well as the Premier of Ontario, it was pretty awesome.

Q: Would you rather make headlines for saving somebody’s life or winning a Nobel prize?

A: No brainer – saving a life! ….but why do I have to choose one or the other??? Why can’t I do both??

Q: How do you manage your work life balance?

A: Passion for work, family, friends, life experiences … it’s all about finding the right balance for you. You will know when you have it because the stress just disappears.

Q: What would you say is Regal Tent’s greatest strength?

A: Commitment.

Q: What’s your most favorite part about your job?

Working with our staff.

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?

A: Chocolate. It’s a food group all on its own

Q: Where do you picture Regal ten years from now?

A: The event industry has evolved so much over my career…. I think success in business today is more about focusing on ‘Customer Experience’ then ever before. What I mean to say is that while every company has to provide a basic level of service in order to stay in business (i.e. Airlines need to safely get their customers from ‘A’ to ‘B’; Restaurants need to provide a clean environment with decent food and a tent rental company needs to provide a reliable tent installed on time), if you truly want to be exceptional and thrive it’s about how you go about enhancing the experience of your customer while providing that basic service. With so many choices in suppliers available to our clients today, what separates you from everyone else is what I think of as Customer Experience. Were your staff courteous? Neatly dressed? Considerate? Respectful of your time and property? Respectful of their fellow workers and other suppliers? Did they have a positive attitude throughout? Humor is also such an important element…

I firmly believe that when you focus on all the above, it makes the customer’s experience more unique and special and keeps them coming back for more. I also believe the Regal of Ten years from now will need to consolidate with other industry leaders in order to offer a more ‘one stop shopping experience’…

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