What’s Trending in 2015?

By January 9, 2015Informational

Every year there are certain trends that everyone seems to lean on when planning or producing an event. For instance, last year we saw the upward trend of integrated event technology (social media, social tech tools, event apps – basically anything digital) and it will definitely continue to make its appearance felt this year. However a new year means new trends.

For 2015, there are a number of trends that are said to be making an impact in the event business. A big one that really effects our own positioning will be the onset trend of customization. The idea of customizing an event is certainly not new. What is new, is the meaning behind customization.

The meaning behind event customization means more personalized products, services and experiences. Event planners are now looking to customize absolutely everything involved in an event because it creates a more personalized space for guests to experience. This means everything from the floor pattern, to table centerpieces, to the lighting design on the ceiling. The thing about customization is that it takes a lot of thought, risk and time to put everything together. But this process is what will set an event apart from the rest. Without a doubt, the biggest advantage about customization is its ability to create something unique. Guests get tired of doing and seeing the same things, especially when it’s being done over and over again. What guests do enjoy is the value of seeing and experiencing something different.

So then how does this event trend relate to Regal Tent? To put it metaphorically, we are the paper for your paint. To put it literally, we can design a customized venue for your event so that you can get creative with the environment you want to set for it. Our customized tents and structures will enable event planners to be able to choose the type of layout for an event, the type of flooring, and the type of lighting. It will even give planners the opportunity to hold an event in an unexpected and unique location. For example, one year we installed a temporary structure in the middle of a narrow New York City pier.

The thing about going with an already existing and permanent venue is that there are limitations to what can be done. In some cases, venues will ask planners to only use certain suppliers they are comfortable with. In other cases, the venue will just not have the right tools or space needed to pull off what some may envision their event to look like.

An event planner would be lying if they said they didn’t want their event to stand out or to be remembered.

Let us help you get started on the design of your event to make that memorable experience happen.



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