A Look from Behind the Scenes

By October 3, 2014Educational

A lot of hard work goes into creating a venue for an event. At Regal Tent we specialize in designing a customized venue layout that works for our client’s needs and then we are put to the challenge of making it happen. We’ve done work for both small and big projects all over Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean. Some jobs are easier than others, but it never stops us from giving 100% on every project we do.

The first step towards getting a venue up and ready to go for the event date lies in getting a contract established with our client. During the contract process, Regal works with the client to completely customize their venue. Some of the factors involved in this process includes:

– the style of tent (eg. clearspan, frame, double decker, etc.).

– the size of the tent to accommodate the number of guests.

– the tent features (eg. wall colour, roof colour, raised flooring, doors, etc.)

– the anchoring used to weigh down the tent

Once these details are figured out, an installation date it chosen. Depending on how big of a project it is, the installation period can take up to a day or a few weeks. As soon as the installation date is set Regal gets all of the pieces for the project organized and laid out for when the day comes.

Sometimes before installation can even begin a permit is required to put the tent up. A permit is usually needed if the tent is over a certain size, and for some of the bigger jobs we do, this is definitely the case. Each city has their own building permit requirements and over the years Regal has done thousands of permits all over the country.

On the day of installation, Regal’s crew rounds up all of the different pieces and equipment used during the installation onto our trucks. As soon as everything is loaded in the crew drives (and in some cases fly) to the event site. When they get there they spend time carefully unloading everything from the truck. When this is finished, the real hard work begins.

This hard work consists of heavy lifting, tall heights, machine driving and trained minds. This hard work works through the rain, the snow, and the sunshine. We are definitely proud of our Regal crew. Below you can take a look at our crew hard at work on some of the different projects we’ve worked on in the past.











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