Raising the Hoedown Roof

By September 11, 2014ClearSpan Structure

Every year in late August and early September, Regal Tent starts to get ready for the annual Magna Hoedown festival and fundraiser held in Aurora, Ontario. The Magna Hoedown is your classic country festival with plenty of food, drinks, raffles, auctions, and of course live country music featuring some of the best country stars. The money raised at the event and all of the pre-events leading up to the Hoedown goes towards local charities.

The Magna Hoedown is traditionally held outside every year and its been this way since the very first Hoedown many years ago. For the past several years, Regal Tent’s job is to put together and install the many different structures on the Hoedown grounds including the food tent, entrance tent, drink tent, and the main tent which has become the staple icon for the Magna Hoedown.

Lots of hard work from the Regal Tent crew goes into installing these tents. It usually takes about a week to get everything up and finished, but once your looking up at the finished piece, the feeling you get is definitely worth it.

As this year’s Hoedown officially begins tomorrow, I thought it would be a great idea to show you all the hard work that goes into putting up the big Hoedown tent. Click here to view a time lapse video of last year’s Magna Hoedown tent set up.






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