Tent Rental Guide for Dummies

By August 8, 2014Educational

Depending on your familiarity with tents, finding the right style of tent for your event can be more difficult for some. Don’t worry. We are here to help. Below we’ll discuss some of the different tent styles in Regal’s large inventory and then list what type of event best suits them.


First we have our Frame Tent. The Frame Tent is essentially what your traditional style of tent looks like with the characteristic high peak. The support for the tent is on the outside which means that it has no internal poles. Having no internal poles makes the space inside the tent feel and look more open. These bad boys come in a variety of sizes to accommodate guest size. The Frame Tent can also be fitted with custom fabric, doors, window walls and transparent walls.

The Frame Tent is great for:

  1. Weddings
  2. Food and drink events
  3. Car shows
  4. Sporting events
  5. Parties/social events


Just like its name, this style of tent is definitely eye catching especially with its dramatic curves. The Arabesque/Saddlespan Tent is well suited for theatrical lighting projections and sound projections. The tent style is available in many different sizes including single, double, triple and multiple-span configurations.

The Arabesque/Saddlespan Tent is great for:

  1. Sporting events
  2. Outdoor concerts/performances
  3. Corporate parties
  4. High profile events


The Clear Span Tent is one of the more popular tent choices because of its sleek and professional look. The sheer size of a Clear Span Tent is also a huge benefit as some of the bigger size options could potentially fit thousands of people inside. It is a very customizable tent because it can be retrofitted with glass walls, hard walls, clear ceilings, doors and other permanent elements.

The Clear Span Tent is great for:

  1. Corporate events
  2. Sporting events
  3. Social events
  4. Music festivals
  5. Fashion shows
  6. Large weddings


The Star Shade Tent is still pretty new to North American soil as it has for the most part only made its appearance known in Europe. The greatest thing about this tent style is that it’s very stylish and extremely unique looking. The Star Shade has one center pole holding up the tent making it very quick to set up. It is the perfect addition for an outdoor event.

The Star Shade Tent is great for:

  1. Social events
  2. Weddings
  3. Corporate events
  4. Sporting events
  5. Festivals


The beautiful Double Decker Tent is a luxurious upgrade for any high profile event. The tent has one lower level and one upper level. The upper level is a perfect place for VIP guests while the lower level hosts the main function of an event. This modular structure allows you to tailor the tent to fix your needs with glass walls, hard walls and even balconies.

The Double Decker Tent is great for:

  1. Corporate events
  2. High profile events
  3. Musical performances
  4. Fashion shows

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