The World From Up High

By August 1, 2014Informational

If you haven’t already noticed by now, drones are one the biggest things happening in technology. Don’t know what drones are? Well for starters, they are very small air crafts that are self-guided by a hand held remote or computer on the ground. These small pilotless air crafts are perfect for monitoring areas and taking aerial pictures from high above.

In the past drones were mainly used for military purposes, but recently, they have been picking up popularity in the event business world. Drones are a great visual tool that all event planners and event companies should take advantage of for a variety of reasons.

1- They provide event planners with a unique way to do site visits

2- They provide event companies with unique footage of an event that you can’t get without using one

3- It is fairly inexpensive to hire an aerial photography company to take pictures of a particular event

4- They provide very detailed mapping for a site

5- They can be used both indoors and outdoors

6- They can fly at very low heights or very high heights depending on what sort of footage you want

Overall, drones are definitely changing the way event planners and event companies conduct their business for the better. In fact we recently hired an aerial photography company from the Toronto area to take a few pictures for one of our job sites. The photos received a lot of praise and interest from everyone who saw them. I think people loved them because it put a whole new perspective on what the event looked like from a bird’s point of view. It’s definitely a cool way to visualize the entire site, and it’s great to show current and future clients what their event could potentially look like.

Take a look at some of Regal Tent’s aerial pictures we had done for the Taste Of Toronto held in July.




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