A Breath of Fresh Air…

Started in 2003, Shock Fitness has provided personalized training and physical wellness within the Greater Toronto Area and the beautiful Muskoka Area. Shock Fitness Muskoka provides to its public cardiovascular training, strength training, core training, flexibility and much more using the best trainers and instructors in Ontario to give you the best possible fitness program available. Shock Fitness is a unique experience. Not only are you in one of North America’s few outdoor gyms. You are overlooking beautiful Lake Joseph breathing the beautiful Muskoka air, not recycled club air. On the really hot days they are equipped with industrial fans to help aid the cool breeze.

They are the refreshing alternative to the mundane indoor club work-out you’ve been doing all winter long. They offer challenging work-outs, personal training, yoga, spinning and chiropractic care.

Terrance JoyceFounder, Master Trainer, Boot Camp Leader, TRX Instructor Has provided Personal Training to recognized celebrities, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels as well as children. The focus is always on providing fitness programs, which enable each individual to attain their personal fitness goals by using innovative techniques.

Shock Fitness Muskoka- Elgin House Road, Port Carling, ON – t:705-646-6411 www.shockfitness.ca

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