Regal’s Top 5 Lighting Trends for a Tented Wedding

By June 24, 2013Accessories, Weddings

Regal’s Top 5 Lighting Trends for a Tented Wedding

One of the biggest mistakes people have been known to make when it comes to planning a tented wedding is that they give too little consideration to lighting. A well-designed lighting scheme can take your event to the next level by adding an element of drama and setting the desired mood for your special day. It is important to budget for lighting early on, especially in an outdoor wedding where the effect of a great lighting scheme is that much more exquisite. Lighting choices were once very limited but today’s tent professionals have a variety of lighting options and styles at their fingertips that can easily meet and exceed every customer’s needs and expectations. People don’t always realize that the same lighting equipment you would use in a fancy hotel ballroom or convention centre can also be used in a tent, as long as weight limitations of the tent are considered.


A stunning chandelier can offer more than just lighting for your wedding. It can be a conversation piece, a focal point for your guests. Chandeliers have been a standard in wedding tent lighting because they create a romantic and intimate setting. They are also a favourite of brides because they are as practical as they are elegant. They vary in shapes and styles and are an affordable option that won’t mean you have to skimp out on class!


Classic Candle Light

Candle light never seems to leave the top trends list when it comes to weddings, whether tented or not! The soft glow of candle light offers the ultimate warm and romantic setting that is perfect for your wedding day. There are so many choices of candles from floating candles to votives, and from pillars to tea lights. They are also very easy to personalize with your own creative touch. Some wedding venues won’t allow for candles at all in your décor, but in a tented wedding, you aren’t faced with any of those limitations. If you are concerned about safety though, you could use LED lights as opposed to a real flame, or you could use large vases or mason jars to shield the open flame. Another plus is that everyone looks good in candle light so you’ll be keeping your guests happy as well!


Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are an affordable and fun way to decorate your wedding tent! You can find paper lanterns in virtually any colour so it’s easy to match with your colour scheme, and they are versatile in terms of costs. You can use as many or as few as you like depending on your taste and you don’t need to spend a lot to achieve the look you want. Be sure to look for lanterns that are on a string and wired up, ready-to-use as opposed to lanterns that need to be individually lit.

If you do decide to individually light each lantern check the local dollar store for mini LED lights. Though it won’t save you any time, it will save some money!


LED Lighting

If you’re planning a large tented wedding, LED lights are most definitely the popular choice today. They are most suitable for larger tents, but are also being used more frequently in small tents. LED lighting is growing in popularity as it offers optimal flexibility. It allows you to incorporate vibrant colours as well as movement and colour changes into your lighting scheme. LED lighting uses significantly less energy than conventional lights and emits less heat. LED lighting can be expensive, but can save you money in other areas such as generator rental, as well as labour for installation. Plus, you can utilize them in such a way that they make your other décor elements really pop.



If you’re looking to create a whimsical or dreamy atmosphere in your tented wedding, twinkle lights are the way to go! Contrasted against black roof panels or against clear roof panels at an evening wedding, twinkle or fairy lights add a magical element! They shimmer, glisten and glimmer and are therefore a bride favourite! Not only can you use them to light the roof and walls of your tent, but they can be used in other ways such as wrapping them around trees and bushes in the surrounding area.


In the end it all comes down to the atmosphere you want to achieve, your budget, and your own personal taste. These are just our Top 5 lighting trends but there are so many options to consider, including the option to combine different lighting systems. If you can use a professional lighting designer, they will be your best bet at achieving the vision you have in mind. If you do decide to go it alone, be sure to keep lighting high on your priority list. You definitely do not want to overlook an element that can truly make or break your big day!

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