Regal’s Top 5 Ways to Decorate Your Tent Ceiling

When planning the décor for your tented wedding, corporate or social event, consider that the tent ceiling is not just an unsightly cluster of hardware… It is indeed a blank canvas! It’s an opportunity to utilize what might typically be viewed as an eyesore or unusable space and implement your own creative ideas in a way that will enhance the entire experience for your guests. With the ideas and resources available online today and the abundance of eager and talented event planners in the industry to assist, there is no reason that any and every event can’t be magical!

Here are Regal’s Top 5 Ways to Decorate a Tent Ceiling!


OK, obviously drapery in a tent is not a new idea – it has been one of the “go-to” décor options for a tent ceiling – and for good reason. Even in its simplest execution, drapery adds elegance and flare to any tented event. But what’s exciting to see these days is that event planners are going beyond the standard application of drapery. People are having some fun with the variety of drapery styles and colours, and are using their creativity to craft unique backdrops for events of all kinds. It is also a strategic option as it thoroughly camouflages the sometimes unsightly frame of the tent.

Clear Roof Panels and Skylights

As practical as a tent is for an outdoor event like a wedding or social function, it can sometimes make you feel like you are still stuck indoors. Thankfully, today’s tent industry is capable of addressing this concern quite simply with clear roof panels and skylight roof panels that allow you to experience the natural light in the daytime and the stars at night while still protected from the elements. Skylight panels allow just enough natural light in to maintain that feeling of being outdoors. If your guests are spending a long period of time in the tent, you may opt for some or all of the roof panels to be clear so that the sunny sky or starry night are added features to your décor.

Unique Lighting Fixtures

String lights, Chinese lanterns, chandeliers, track lighting…Lighting is a key factor in defining the ambiance for your event. A fun atmosphere could be evoked through the use of Chinese lanterns while a chandelier creates an elegant ambiance. String lights can be used to light the perimeter of the tent or in an alternate design; mini string lights are also an option. Lighting is a necessity but can definitely go far beyond functionality. Use your imagination and creativity to design a lighting scheme that will ‘wow’ your guests. My favourite? Black roof panels, and mini string lights EVERYWHERE!

Projection Images

A white tent ceiling is the perfect backdrop for projecting images! Yes, it’s another form of unique lighting but there is so much you can do with projection that we consider it a category on its own. It offers the opportunity for branding with your corporate logo, or with a particular message. There is also an opportunity to accentuate or even create a theme and/or colour scheme for your event without any additional décor it.

Hanging Décor

This is absolutely one of my favourite trends in tent décor! Whether you’re simply hanging balloons and streamers, floral arrangements and tree branches, multi-coloured lampshades or whimsical umbrellas, this trend allows you to really take a theme and run with it. I’ve also seen really creative applications of framed photos hanging from the tent ceiling which certainly adds a bit of a personal touch! I love this trend because it requires creative ideas but can be executed simply (Important if you aren’t necessarily a ‘Martha Stewart’ type!)


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